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We've picked out a hundred of the best places to eat, have a cocktail or enjoy a great glass of wine. Come with us to discover Prague - the gastronomic pearl of the Czech Republic. Our ambassadors of chefs, sommeliers and fine dining experts will take you to top restaurants, fine-dining establishments, traditional pubs, bars or ordinary bistros with great food.


Tomáš Jilík is a man who has been eating exclusively in restaurants for almost twenty years. His business has forced him to travel and explore the world, he has visited dozens of countries and discovered food everywhere. He knows what a real Italian pizza should taste like, a French boeuf bourguignon, or how to recognize a quality steak. He's eaten in dozens of Michelin-starred restaurants and hundreds of the finest establishments around the world. Now he's back in Prague to introduce you and his friends to a hundred of the best restaurants, venues and bars in Prague. If you want to taste the best the Czech capital has to offer, accept our invitation and become part of Tom's Gastro Guide!

Plátky masa na skleněném talíři
Nalévání vína do sklenice

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Top places

We're always updating and selecting new places for you to have a great meal. You'll also find bars with the best drinks and unique views and service. There are traditional pubs or places to grab a quick bite to eat.

Top Ambassadors

Take recommendations from people who have travelled the world and the Czech Republic. Our ambassadors understand food and can sense the unique atmosphere. You don't have to search for the best places, we've found them for you!

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Tom's Gastro Guide offers the best establishments ranked by location, level of gastronomy and restaurant or bar focus in one app. All clearly presented with commentary from our experts.

Tom’s Premium

Tomáš Jilík has travelled the world, eaten in dozens of Michelin-starred restaurants, and now he's back in Prague and will show you the places he goes almost every day. He knows where the best breakfasts are, where to have lunch with the family, and the best places with atmosphere where you want to have an evening drink.

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